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Luxury Roadtripping Anyone?

Usually, family vacations mean sun-drenched beach getaways, meandering road trips, and extended excursion to far-flung destinations like Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia. However, with a global pandemic unfolding, those experiences might look a little different this year, but we at Michal Luxury Travel we make sure to come up with some travel Ideas and updates for post-COVID-19 travel.

Many families feeling a financial sting due to the economic downturn. And folks who already had travel plans were likely forced to cancel them. With that in mind, we don’t know exactly what summer travel will look like, but one thing is certain: You can expect change.

Many Americans are considering a road trip to a national park, a beach town, a Luxury Resort or other attractions in a neighboring state.

How does that sound?

Your next outing might be booked through a travel advisor and insured, too.

That’s what a typical family vacation might look like in the U.S. once travel and tourism start to pick up again post-pandemic.

Use our inspirational trip ideas to plan ahead for your next bucket list adventure.

Beach vacations are wonderful. You get to layout on the sand, soak in some sunshine, and maybe read a book or take a nice, long swim in the ocean. For many people, spending a day at the beach is a favorite summer pastime. Through our affiliation with one of the most prestigious travel consortiums; "Travel Leaders", we have the ability to offer you some added amenities and perks in many of the boutique luxury hotels around the world, and cruise lines, when you book your vacation with us,

For your next getaway or road trip, we at Michal Luxury Travel have all your travel planning needs in hand, to assure you a safe and unforgettable vacation.

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