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Great Journeys. Fascinating Places.

Let me show you the world!


At the core of our company, I believe in creating close ties with each customer to best understand their travel needs and preferences. Whether you’re getting ready to backpack through Europe or are preparing to take an exotic honeymoon, planning a trip has never been easier.


I was born and raised in Israel and grew up in an Iranian and Israeli household, and that heritage has led me to a lifelong love affair with Israel, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean regions. Over the length of my career, I've traveled extensively in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Europe. My career as a travel planner started almost 30 years ago (and counting) with Tower Airlines which gave me the opportunity to travel the world and outgrowth of my own passion for seeing the world. My years of experience gave me the knowledge and expertise to create travel experiences for my clients that satisfy them on a much deeper level. Ideally, they will return enriched by their travel and the time they spent abroad.


My true expertise is in planning your getaway. I love giving visitors an intimate experience of unspoiled ancient historical sites and religious shrines to sparkling beachfront resorts and stylish modern architecture, or learning how to make an authentic meal in a famous chef's kitchen. Over the length of my career, I've built a network of contacts that allows me to offer my clients exceptional service and support throughout the world. What I love is taking the time to learn about your travel style and goals, then using my knowledge and experience to create a unique itinerary - tailored to your preferences, schedule, and budget. To me, luxury is not only in the linens but in the experiences within a well-planned itinerary.


Give me a call and start your journey today!

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