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How to Plan Your First Post-Pandemic Trip

During this time in quarantine, we have come to the understanding that travel is just one of the many luxuries temporarily suspended as the coronavirus outbreak continues around the world. As of this moment, we are tasked to put off travel plans on hold, in order to stay home and flatten out the curve.

Although some experts are uncertain as to whether or not summer travel will be possible, not all future travel is off the table. During this time, we can daydream and use this time to start planning that glorious post-pandemic vacation. Here are a couple of tips:

Use Trip Planning as a Coping Mechanism, but be Flexible

Trip planning can be a way to give yourself something to look forward to and provide some kind of distraction from the immediate problems due to the pandemic. Use this time to curate your dream vacation once the pandemic is over - remember to think long term, instead of planning summer trips, perhaps even into 2021. Use social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration.

Window Shop for Travel Online

Dedicate some of your screen time to hunting for your next destination. Try using tools like Kayak, Hopper, and Skyscanner that shows users the cheapest flights in the world from your home. Once you find the deal for you be intentional with your future travel plans.

Dive Into the Details and Organize Your Research

As you are browsing, consider what you want out of your trip. Use the various resources online and off to research hotels, restaurants, museums, and hidden places you'd like to explore. As you amass a list of places to see, save them on Google Maps, so they're handy. Reading and watching movies about the history and culture of your future destination will provide you with a stronger connection while you're traveling.

Before this pandemic occurred, your normal life routine would not have allowed for such a deep dive into all of the eating, drinking, and sightseeing opportunities that travel offers. Although the pandemic has taken away so much of our freedoms, it has provided us with the gift of time.

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