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Updated: Jun 8, 2021


I am happy to share the wonderful news that Israel is taking a big step in reopening for international travel this May. The Israel Ministry of Tourism, together with the Ministry of Health, announced that the country will begin welcoming vaccinated groups of international travelers back into the country after more than a year without tourism due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Israel has been working to develop a plan that allows not only for the country to reopen to visitors, but also to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Israel has come so far, and for this reason, they are adapting this proactive strategy of having a phased opening. Sixty percent of Israel's population has been vaccinated and with the United States and Israel using the same vaccines, we are hopeful that by summer Israel will open the doors wide and welcome every visitor.

The series of phases and guidelines will be outlined and released next week. The first phase will feature a pilot program, allowing a select number of tour groups to visit Israel—the number of groups will increase based on the overall health situation and the progress and success of the program.

Individual travelers will be welcomed in a later phase of reopening likely in July. In all phases, visitors will be required to undergo a PCR test before boarding their flight to Israel, and a serological test (Covid test) to prove their vaccination upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. In the meantime, discussions will continue to reach agreements for vaccine-certificate validation, to cancel the need for the serological test.

Let's start planning your next visit to Israel at or

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