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Since Italy re-opened its borders to Americans back in May, we have regained the much-missed ability to personally discover why Italy is bursting at the seams with romance-filled vacation experiences. It's no secret that Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. Not only is it a famed beacon for lovers of art, history, food, and wine, it's also riddled with stunning honeymoon-worthy locations that are punctuated by unbridled romance at every turn. There's just no shortage of enticing choices for couples seeking to book the intimate getaways that they have always dreamed of having.

Nothing embodies a romantic escape quite like Italy.

One of the most sought-after routes by couples is the journey that takes travelers from the heart of Rome to the scenic Sorrentine Peninsula.

Along the way, slowly unravel the mystery of what southern Italy is all about — ancient structures older than the Roman Empire, food and drink that's worthy of the gods, stunning views of the electric-blue sea, languid seaside towns, and natural beauty that will simply take your breath away.

But before that, begin the adventure in the 'Eternal City' for some highlights such as the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, indulge in an intimate wine tasting experience, and enjoy a memorable meal of traditional Roman dishes. Take the train to Naples for a private tour of the Pompeii ruins before heading to the famous 31-mile stretch of the Amalfi Coast.

At the end of the day relax and unwind with a private sunset and Prosecco boat tour from Sorrento.

With our expertise and the flexibility to plan your romantic getaway to Italy, you can fully immerse yourself in Italy’s fabulously romantic atmosphere.

Michal Luxury Travel has been delivering the best Italian experiences for its clients.

Our logistical expertise and suite of customizable top-shelf travel components have paved the way for unforgettable stress-free vacations. With Italy's evergreen popularity as an in-demand destination, combined with the expected spike in global traveler traffic next year, there's no denying the importance and practicality of booking early.

To ensure that you get what you are looking for as far as accommodations, tours, and private chauffeurs go, we recommend that you secure your trip plans at least 4-6 months in advance.

Simply put, now is the perfect time for your clients to plan and book a trip for 2022!


Michal Luxury Travel

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