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Tailored vacation a-la-cart

What you were planning to do this May is probably very different from what you are actually doing… When this crippling virus began, I for one could not imagine the total shut down that was to become part of our world. Today, however, I am feeling more confident about our future.

We are far from returning to normal, but there are signs of recovery.

When travelers can begin booking again, I expect that customized independent travel will be the first sector to rebound. Thankfully, here at Michal Luxury Travel, we are ready with our upscaled local vendors abroad, to work with you and tailor your next state of the art vacation.

The benefit of tailoring your vacation with us will ensure you will have a worry-free journey, from the minute you arrive at your destination you will be met at the sleeve of the airplane, get the full VIP treatment from immigration to baggage claim. You will be touring with an experienced, upscale, licensed tour guide, in a private luxury vehicle and have the advantage of touring each site at your own time and pace. Whether you need a reservation to a local restaurant, a before or after hours visits a local museum,  or obtaining tickets to a show. These are just only some of the benefits you get working with our agency.

We are working closely with our partners abroad to establish responsible COVID-19 protocols and we look forward to sharing this information with you in the future.

As I find myself saying often, a day is a week, a week is a month, and a month is a year. Things are changing quickly, so please keep reviewing our communications.

The borders will reopen, and the satisfying sound of a stamp in our passport will mark the beginning of a new adventure. Until then, we continue to dream and plan ahead. We see ourselves wandering through cloud forests at the foot of a misty volcano, walking in bustling markets, visiting ancient ruins, or taking a culinary cooking class with locals, the list of your dream travel is our mission!

Share your travel dreams with us, and we will make your dream journey come true.

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