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Regardless if you are conversing with a seasoned traveler or with someone who is planning to set off on their inaugural international adventure, the mere mention of Egypt would instantly conjure scenes that characterize the country's glorious ancient heyday.

Imagine magnificent pyramids towering over the desert landscape, the sun shining over weathered remnants of temples devoted to gods and pharaohs, enigmatic monuments like the Great Sphinx standing over curious visitors, and stories about historical figures like Ramses the Great or Cleopatra being shared over a campfire. All of that is certainly true, but they can also be an oversimplification that belies the larger-than-life qualities of this incredibly fascinating destination; Egypt.

Aside from being the home of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, modern-day Egypt is the sum total of its bygone past, its lovely people and their multi-layered culture, and the nation's colorful history as a regional power in North Africa and the Middle East. Once the center of the spice trade, Egypt has served as a bridge between the east and the west since time immemorial. As a place that proudly wears its age like a badge of honor, it's not unheard of to encounter a facet of daily Egyptian life that has origins dating back thousands of years in the past — and that's just one of its many alluring draws. From the cacophonous sensory overload of Cairo to the evocative and breathtaking nature of its old ruins and relics, Egypt is truly a must-visit destination. When earmarking Egypt as the exotic setting for your next vacation, you should consider adding Nile Cruises to your itinerary. Combining exploration, relaxation, and cruising is a fantastic method for visitors who visit Egypt. Here are a few insights to keep in mind for visiting Egypt:

The best time for cruising is arguably between October and April when the temperature is not too warm and travelers can explore notable sites like Luxor and Aswan without discomfort.

Michal Luxury Travel offers a range of luxury and premium cruise options that maintain high service levels and quality standards, some of which are featured below.

Mövenpick M/S Hamees 5-Star Among the largest and best-appointed crafts that make their way along the river Nile, Mövenpick M/S Hamees is visually striking due to its contemporary design touches punctuated by soothing soft colors. The Hamees is the pinnacle for traveling in style and comfort and features a restaurant, a pool, and spacious rooms with breathtaking views of the storied riverside scenery. Cruise packages come in 3-Night, 4-Night, and 7-Night configurations.

Mövenpick M/S Sunray 5-Star Follow in the footsteps that the famous pharaohs made while they explore Luxor and Aswan via Mövenpick M/S Sunray. Boasting an elegant and traditional design, Sunray's air-conditioned cabins and suites are river-facing — ensuring that passengers get optimal views of the Egyptian landscape. Accommodations also come with their own private bathroom with a bathtub. You can opt for 3-Night, 4-Night, and 7-Night packages.

THE MICHAL LUXURY TRAVEL EXPERIENCE With over 30 years of delivering top-notch customized experiences for destinations all over the Middle East, Europe, and the Mediterranean, we bring the same level of expertise in creating seamless travel experiences within Egypt. We work with Egyptologists that are fully licensed members of the Egyptian General Tourist Guide Syndicate and approved through the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. They are appointed based on their knowledge of modern and ancient Egypt, English language fluency, years of experience, and excellent service standards. Our representatives are your in-country contact persons and are available 24/7 for inquiries. Our customizable products and services not only offer a high degree of flexibility and freedom, but they also enable you to experience everything noteworthy while remaining focused on enjoying your vacation.

Contact us today and support our small business, where we create lifetime memories...


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