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Private Jets Vacations is the New Trend Post COVID-19

With no cure or vaccine for the Corona Virus in the near future, I have been receiving many inquiries from my clients about private jet vacations. Yes, with the new rules and regulations being enforced on all domestic and international airlines, the majority of us may reconsider getting on a commercial flight and are reinventing their travel style and looking traveling via private jet.

Most of you may say: “This is not for me, I could never afford such a trip!” Well, I have good news for you! Private jet vacations can be affordable, and might also be your new way to see the world.

A private tour from the US to Europe for 10-12 days, costs on average is 25K per person (inclusive of coach class round trip air, private tours, and deluxe accommodation), we can now offer an upgraded experience in luxurious appointed private jets! Embody the epitome of luxury travel to the most extraordinary trending worldwide destinations and most exclusive ravishing venues in four continents for not much more!

Each itinerary has its distinctive set of components with the following features being common to all journeys.

Private jet for up to 18 guests – VIP airliners available for larger groups

Trips are entirely private for couples, families, and friends. The aircraft is never shared with other parties

Guests may select single or multiple airports of departure for different members of the group.

Luxury ground transportation to and from all locations on the itinerary

Unique activities at exclusive venues

VIP access to hosts (chefs, museum curators, winemakers, etc.)

Optional presence of travel professionals to accompany trips

Elective aircraft category

With us, you may choose to take one of the pre-designed itineraries or you may also create your own journey by selecting any worldwide destinations of choice. We will build a custom-crafted experience for you.

Among the many destinations we offer tours to, here are some sample vacations we are proud to offer:

  • Israel and Jordan 12 days journey

  • Italy 14 days

  • Morocco 8 days

  • Spain 7 days

  • China 17 days

And the list goes on and on...

So if you are still looking to travel this summer or fall, but don't feel safe to board a commercial airplane or hover around in the big airport from gate to gate, we have the NEW TREND for you, that will change the way you see your future travel anywhere around the world.

Let's plan your new vacation in style and luxury!

Michal Reihanian

Michal Luxury Travel CEO

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