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Portugal Tours & Luxury Travel

There’s a reason travelers are choosing Portugal as their one European trip of the year: From its light, simple Mediterranean cuisine to requisite dune-covered beaches, surf breaks, emerald mountainscapes, and sweet cobblestone streets, the country takes a page out of its stylish neighbors by offering a destination full of sun, sophistication, great food, and even greater late-night revelry. Here at Michal Luxury Travel, we will help you find all of these treasures but will go even deeper with fully customizable itineraries that are crafted based on your particular interests and schedule. Portugal tours can be a myriad of everything from adventure to relaxation: Spend your days on the beach, in the Winelands, hiking its hills, or cruising the coastline for dolphins. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, our experts can make it happen.

Every itinerary is created by our travel expert based on your specifications. With our planners and first-hand, local knowledge we make sure every detail is looked after, while you get to enjoy a personalized trip to Portugal.

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