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A Personal Note from Michal

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Hi there,

Has anybody ever asked you this question when planning a trip for you? How do you want to feel?

Most travel planners concern themselves with the basics, getting clients from A to B to C and making sure they have accommodations along the way. Some even go the extra step to try and save as many pennies along the route as they can so they can provide their clients with a trip that costs the least.

I have had several clients lately that came to me asking for specific itineraries, out of the box, simple but meaningful, and especially deep in the core. I deliver them ALL, and I mean it, ALL the time, itineraries that blow their minds! I also get the ones who say, “but I am shopping around with another company.” OK Great, I am curious “Which company? Who is our competitor in this very specific kind of request?” Then I realize that who we are going against in this race is a company outside of the region, that surely doesn't have the knowledge that we have about the area our clients asked about, that outsources their request, and yet, more than likely we will lose to them based solely on price. There is a misalignment here and it is not because we didn't deliver but because what they will get from the other company is simply a cookie-cutter general tour that lacks heart and soul, and because of price, they will win. So I ask you; Is this is how you want to feel?

Ironically in the post-pandemic period that is before us, when people have been starved of contact with other people for over a year, many travel planners and travel agents will not see the opportunity that is before them to create clients LOYAL to THEM for LIFE by providing travel full of emotional connections to each land and its people.

So where is the problem here? The problem is that whoever is requesting the quote on your behalf doesn't have enough knowledge about the destination as much as we do thanks to our connections abroad.

When we sell tours, we are clear on our core values, and because we interview our travelers, we know what they want to experience on their travel. And it goes this way:


We want you to meet the locals and have experiences and trust us that the trip we have built for you is exactly what you asked for. Your perfect trip is the one we customized especially just for you!

Communication through email doesn't fully convey emotions, nuances, and desires. This is why we interview and listen to every one of our clients.

When we build itineraries, we make sure it is molded to your soul and your inner desires so that when you travel, we already know the answer to the question, “How do you want to feel?”

I hope you will give me the opportunity to plan your next travel and have you experience travel the way you want to feel.

Yours truly,


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