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5 Ways You Can Use Tech on Your Vacations

Life for me is sharing knowledge and learning, yes, even from the younger generation. I find these tips very helpful and wanted to share them with you.

Read on to discover five categories of apps that you can download to make your next trip better than ever. Once the skies are open again, take these tips for a fun and smooth travel experience.

I am looking forward to continuing to design with you your next memorable adventure!

1. Organizing and Preserving Cherished Memories with Photo Apps

Capturing the perfect moment is one of the most meaningful travel souvenirs. Even better than capturing that moment is sharing those moments with your community. If you aim to keep your loved ones updated on the various adventures you're going on, you can send your favorite images via messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messanger or through storage platforms like Google Photos and Dropbox. Of course, there are platforms like Facebook and Instagram where you can upload your best snaps.

2. Researching a Destination with the Help of Social Media

The reality we are currently living in gives us a lot more time to research and seek inspiration for our next adventure. Apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest can help you visualize your trip - not only can you scout out dream locations from fellow travelers, but locals often post about places that are off the beaten path. Let's not forget about Youtube, travel bloggers are able to provide you with tips, tricks, and a behind the scenes look on your dream destination.

3. Using Apps to Compile a Packing List

Packing for your trip is one of the most important parts of your travel experience. Packing apps such as PackPoint and Packr make packing easier by generating custom packing lists based on your destination, travel purpose, length of stay, and so on. It also lets you add your own items and tick them off when they're packed.

4. Navigating the Streets with Map and Itinerary Apps

Once you arrive at your destination, your phone is your guide through the streets of any big city or unknown town. Google Maps, Here We Go Maps, and Maps.Me can all be used offline, which comes in handy when a reliable Internet connection is not readily available. Download the maps of your destination before you leave, so it saves on your phone's local storage.

When it comes to having all your travel information in one place, TripIt, a mobile travel app, keeps flight and hotel information in one place. Connected to, organize all the information about your travels: flights, hotel reservations or apartment rentals, tours, and more. It alerts you when flights are delayed or there are gate changes. It also allows you to share itineraries with family and friends.

5. Tracking Spending with Budgeting and Currency Apps

Managing your money while on vacation is something we all say will do, but never end up doing. Budgeting apps such as Trail Wallet and Mint help you track your spending while Settle Up lets groups track who pays for what.

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